Thursday, September 13, 2012

Furry Show-n-Tell!

One of the coupons that third graders can buy with their behavior points is show-n-tell. Anna's mom brought in her adorable baby kittens to share with our class this week. The class loved them and we are sure they can come back anytime to visit. Thanks Anna and Mrs. Scott for sharing your cute kittens! PS from the Scott family: Free kittens available to a good home!


  1. Hi guys! You all look GREAT! See you Wednesday!
    ~~Mrs. Conklin

  2. Hi Mrs. Conklin!
    Thanks for reading our blog!

  3. Hey Third Graders...I have something for you to be thinking about for Wednesday!! I need you to be thinking about all the things you would need if you were going to plan a birthday party for someone special. On Wednesday, as a class, we are going to develop a grocery list with all the items you can think of for the birthday party...I will explain the rest of the activity to you on Wednesday!!
    Riddle: What building in town has the most stories?
    Answer: I will tell you on Wednesday