Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Learning about... and helping the Philippines

Fr. Noel from Elizabeth and Judith Glenn (Philip's mom) came in last week to speak to the third graders about their home country, the Philippines.  Fr. Noel gave the third graders a great history of the country, including how it was originally ruled by Spain and then the United States took possession of the country in 1898 after the Spanish American War.  Both Fr. Noel and Mrs. Glenn have family members currently living in the Philippines, although none of them were in the direct path of the typhoon  They did have difficulty after the storm contacting them, but they are all well, with only minor wind and rain damage.  After listening to our guest speakers, the third graders were even more motivated to help out and start baking for our bake sale.

Fr. Noel showing the third graders where the typhoon hit

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