Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Talking about Feelings with Mrs. Kuzniar

In guidance class this week, the third graders explored the wide range of feelings that third graders experience.  One of the activities that Mrs. Kuzniar had the students do was to act out different types of feelings.  She also discussed with the class how to try to be aware of the feelings that others have, and how that those feelings may not always be too easy to understand or too obvious.  Thanks Mrs. Kuzniar for a great guidance lesson that really got the third graders thinking....and feeling! 

Check out some of the strong feelings below that the third graders acted out:

Micaela is feeling crushed.
Evie is "ticked-off".
Morgan is feeling wonderful!
Madi is "heart-broken".
Dwight is nervous.
Aden is feeling shy.
Andy is feeling glum.
Jack is furious!

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